Gen 8- Chapter 8: Tango

“Tango?” The princess could barely speak, probably due to the massive dehydration she had been forced to endure. He had been starving her, waiting for her body to finally give up. There wasn’t much time left. I was terrified. What was I supposed to do? She was in there, I was out here and there was no way to slip her the tiny vial. I reached through bars to brush back a bit of her, when it hit me.

I got to my feet, turned back to evil knight. “Open the gate, NOW!” I growled.

“Awww does the tiny knight wish to say goodbye to his princess? How droll. Sure, as you wish. Nothing you can do for her now anyways.”

He opened her cell and I slipped in beside her. Her body was completely limp and she was barely conscious.

“Princess, you gotta stay with me. I’m gonna get you out of here. I promise. Princess?” She turned her head to look at me, doing her best to keep her eyes from rolling back in her head. 

“I’m not gonna make it Sir Tango.”

“Yes, yes you are. You have to. Just stay with me.”

“I’m very cold.”

“I know. *sniff* I know. You just gotta do one thing for me, Just one thing.”

“I don’t know if I can.”


I tucked my arms around her waist and lifted her to meet me. “Kiss me.” I whispered.

She didn’t ask why, she didn’t even blink, she just closed her eyes and did what she could with her strength to pucker her lips a bit. I leaned in and gently pressed her lips against mine.

Oh, but there was something the knight was unaware of. While his back had been turned to unlock the gate, I slipped the vial into my cheek. The moment our lips touched, thankfully she left me a little room, I managed to slip the vial into her mouth. Her eyes widened a bit, but it did not take more than a moment for her to realize what to do. She swallowed the potion down, just before she collapsed on the floor again.

The next few seconds felt like hours. I waited for her to move. Choking back sobs, I waited. “Come on princess, you can do this. Come on.”

“She’s gone boy.”


I was too late. I shook her shoulders frantically. “Princess, wake up! I saved you! I saved you! Wake up!”

Her body laid limp in my arms. My arms! They were begining to fade. Oh Berry this was it. I was dying. Soon I would be no more. I clutched my temples. Please just make it quick. Please just-

When my eyes opened again, I hardly recognized my own ceiling. I thought I was a goner for sure. A moment of sadness when I realized, I was back and which meant she was gone. I only hoped she would remember me. I surely she would, I would never forget her. If she survived…

I’m not sure how I missed the sleeping form that was snuggled up under my arm. But I did, it wasn’t until she let out a quit moan, that my eyes shot open. Was she really there? I watched as she gracefully moved up and down with the rhythm of my breath. Could it be?


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Gen 8- Chapter 7: Tango


“I don’t really like the sound of that. There is only one way. It sounds so final. You know?”

“That’s because it is. Tango this is incredibly serious. Everything you know hangs in the balance. I know you’re scared, but if you want to save her, as well as yourself. This must be done.”

I took a steadying breath. “Alright. What do I have to do.”

There was a long pause after that. He didn’t speak, he didn’t move, other than the stirring motion he was using on the giant wooden spoon in the pot. Green smoke started to billow out and somehow I knew, I was going to have to drink it…

“A potion? Really?”

“Really. It is quite a predicament you have yourself in. You are stuck between worlds right now. Not quite in, but not quite out. Which is why you are bound by the physics of this world, but not its inhabitants.”

“Like how I can touch objects, but not the princess.”


“So this…” I peered into the cauldron.

“It will bring you fully into this plane for a short amount of time.”

“So I can what? Fight that evil, big, scary dude.”

“Something like that.”

I stepped up to the bubbling pot and for a second time I looked down into it. It was even more green than before, and it somehow looked thicker. The thought of what might actually have been in there turned my stomach upside down.

“And you’re sure this is the ONLY way.”

“One and only.”

“Okay… for the princess.” I dipped the ladle deep into the swirling liquid and lifted out an entire spoonful. Bringing it to my lips, the green smoke invaded my nostrils with horribly awful stench. “Oh berry, that is disgusting.” I retched. Out of instinct I covered my mouth from what I was sure had to be toxic waste.

“Yeah it’s not meant to be sipped like nectar. You need to just take it down. One big gulp. For the princess. Remember?”

“Right.” I stared into the spoon, and then did as instructed. I took it all down in one large, painfully disgusting chug. At first I didn’t feel much different, but then it felt it. Heat, radiating from the front of my body, but it wasn’t mine, it was the cauldron. I could feel it! Suddenly the heat filled my entire body, and I tried to step away. That did nothing, everything was on fire now, my fingers, my toes and all the places in between. The potion hit my stomach like a stone and I doubled over, almost smacking my head on the pot.

“Whoa there son. Careful now.”

“Is this supposed to be happening.” I wheezed.

“Yes. It’s almost over.”

“Oh good.” Just as the heat subsided, everything went black.

Another sharp pain even fiercer than before, brought me back to consciousness. I thought for sure I was going to hit the ground, but the second round of excruciating abdominal stabs had revived me. To my horror, I had latched onto the side of the searing hot cast iron. I pulled away with a yelp.

“Hang on there! Or well not there literally.”

“I thought you said this was almost over!” I whimpered, tears beginning to cloud my vision.

“Well I could have said, just a few more rounds and then you are all done. Would have been better?”

“I’m not sure.” A painful cough escaped my throat.

Again the pain subsided. Only long enough for me to take in one deep breath before it all started again. I was barely hanging on, it took everything I had to keep myself from actually crying. And that was not easy when half my attention was averted, to keep myself from crumpling into a pile on the floor. Finally it stopped. The tremors coursing through my body slowly ebbed and I was able to fully get to my feet. I was awake but everything seemed hazy. It could have been the smoke, but more than likely it was the fact I had squeezed my eyes so tightly shut, that it was going to take a while for the blood to recirculate.

“You made it.”


After he was sure the potion had run it’s course, the man, who I still had not learned his name, went to a small shelf lined with tiny vials. Carefully he picked up the one on the far left and took it to cauldron. The color was slowly fading from the putrid ooze, but he assured me that it was just the right potency for bottling.

“She won’t need nearly as much.” He replied, answering my question before I asked it.

I assumed it had something to do with the fact she was from here, but he never did specify. He merely held out his hand to reveal a minature glowing green vile pinched between two fingers. “Hold out both your hands. This glass is very fragile. You will need to take extra care.”

“It’s so small. What if I lose it.”

“I’m sure you won’t. It is small for a reason.”

“Why’s that.”

“You will know when the time comes.”

“That’s comforting.”

“Hey I don’t have all the answers. Just most of them.”

I thought it would be a fight. An epic battle of brains vs. brawn. I was not expecting to be welcomed inside, an arrogant smirk perched across his face. I lifted my hands to my face, preparing to go to fisticuffs with a man three times my size. He just laughed at my ridiculous display and clapped a hand hard down on my shoulder.

“You want to see the princess that badly. You can see her. Here I will take you.”

I dropped my arms, but I kept my wariness. What was he up to…

We walked through the dimmly lit hallways, till we stopped at a large iron door. He opened it and offered me to go inside first. Still watching his every move, I carefully let myself through the oversized archway. The room had even worse lighting than the previous ones. My eyes hadn’t even fully adjusted when I saw her. She was folded up on the floor, her dress splayed all around.

“Princess!” I ran to the bars and dropped to my knees. “Can you hear me!”

“Say your goodbyes my strange little friend, she won’t make it much longer.”

Gen 8- Chapter 7: Tango

It took almost two days for me to find her. Which was not easy to do when you can’t ask for directions. Also I can only assume it was two days, the sun never rises, so it is extremely hard to keep track of time. I had a few real life interruptions as well. The hours that stretched between, only caused me more panic. I promised to be there for her, and there I was stuck in reality, dealing with everyday life. I felt like slug, slowly moving through my classes, waiting for school to end. Finally I was able to set enough time aside so I could continue my search. Thankfully every time I returned I was fairly close to where I had been before. That was when I found it. A dark castle looming in the distance, as cliche as it sounds, I had a good hunch this was the place. I searched for any sign of entry but there was nothing. The place was locked up good and tight. Knowing only she could hear my voice, I started to call out to her, in hopes she might just hear.

Finally, she did.

“I’m over here.”

“Princess? Are you okay? I’m so sorry it took me so long.”

“Oh Tango, I don’t know what to do. This is nothing like I imagined. He has me locked up in here. I’m so scared. He had no plans for taking me as his wife. He is going to kill me Tango!”


“If I can’t figure a way out of here, I will be gone in two days time. He has already forced me to write an awful letter to my parents. I can’t even speak the words… I terribly frightened Tango.”

“Please princess don’t cry. I will find a way. I will get you out of this.”

“What will you do?”

“I don’t know, but I will figure something. I will be back.”

“Where will you go?!”

“I’m not sure. Please have faith.”

“That is all I have left.”

I left the castle wall with out a clue of what I should try and do. I started to explain to myself just how futile it all was. No one could see me, no one could talk to me, but her. How did I have any hope to rescue her, I was like a dream, a mirage. What could I possibly do? I searched near by for any kind of answers I could find. Doing ridiculous things like looking through the bushes for a magic mirror or key, you know the stuff that always works in fairytales. So you can imagine it came as quite a surprise when I heard a voice that I could have sworn was addressing me.

“Having trouble?”

I searched for the voice and found a tall man half hidden the shadows. I looked right, and then left, I tapped my chest in a questioning manor. “Me? Are you talking to me?”

“I believe so. Is there anyone else here?”

I scanned the darkness for any other sign of life. There was no one. “I suppose not. Who are you? How can you see me?”

“Let’s just say, I’m an old friend.”

“I still don’t understand how you can see me.”

“There are many mysteries in this world Tango. Most of which you will never understand. Take for example this place. I know you beleive that you created it, but I can assure you, you did not. It is here and has been for thousands and thousands of years.”

“But how did I find it then?”

“Good question. You are one a very chosen few with the ability. Some call it magic, others call it dreamwalking, it just so happens your dreamwalking works through daydreams instead of traditional dreams.”

“So that is why the princess can see me…”

“Not exactly. “


“The princess is blessed, just like you. That is why she can see you. She is your bridge. Without her, you never would have never known of this place, and if she dies while you are still in your daydream, you will be trapped forever.”

“But what about my body?”

“You won’t ever wake up. It will be like a strange coma.”

“What can I do?! I have to rescue her.”

“There is only one way…” 

Gen 8- Chapter 6: Tango


Princess? Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine… It may sound crazy, but I don’t think I would be able to do this with out you. Maybe this is why you are here, to keep me from losing myself.”

“There has to be something we can do. There’s just gotta be a way.”

“There is not. Father believes if we combine the two territories it will finally bring peace.”

“But how can you be certain he will keep his word?”

“We can’t. We can only hope that he will. You…. you will stay with me? Won’t you?”

“For as long as I can.”

“I wonder what it will be like.”

“I wish I knew.”

*gasp* “What is happening?!”

“What do you mean?”

“Look at your hands! You are disappearing.”

“Oh my berry! I don’t know.”

“Please don’t leave!!”

“I don’t want to leave! I just can’t control it! I will be back as soon as I can princess!!”

I wish someone would have told me that dreams and daydreams were not made of the same thing. Then perhaps maybe I would have been there for her. I could in no way stop him, but at least I could have been there and she wouldn’t have to feel so alone. But that is not the way this story goes. I had drifted off into a deep slumber and would not awake until the following morning in a dazed and confused panic.

The poor princess was taken from her home and locked away, and there was nothing I could do. By the time I returned to her chamber it was too late. I wasn’t even aware at this time that things had gone so horribly wrong. All I knew was, I had to find her. And to do so, I had to find the De La Red territory.

Gen 8- Chapter 5: Tango

“Hey, space cadet. It’s dinner time.”

“I’m busy. Go away.”

“Doing what? Your just laying there?”

“Porsche, leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

“Ya, well too bad. It’s dinner time, so get your butt up.”

I leaned over the banister and glared daggers down at my sister. I knew my mother far too well to know I would get out of dinner, so I climbed down my bunk and stormed out of the room with a quickened haste. Grabbing a bowl of mac and cheese from the counter and plopped down into the closest chair, and proceeded to devour every last noodle in the bowl. It took me all of 5 minutes, and ignored the snide jabs that Porsche tried to send my way as I rinsed out my dish. I was about to head back upstairs when my mother inquired about my homework. This was a nightmare!! I went to the front hall to grab my stuff and just like my dinner, I blew through my assignments.

Finally I was able to go back to my room, I only hoped I wasn’t too late. I threw on my pajamas so that once I was in bed no one would bother me. My brother was also getting ready for bed and being the friendly boy he was tried to start a night time chat.

“Did you have a good day Tango?”

“Ya, it was great.”

“Good. I had a good day too.”

“Uh huh, ya, that’s great.”

“Well, goodnight.”

“Ya… uhhh, night.” 

I found myself again in the princess’s chamber, only this time, when I looked down, I found, to my absolute horror, that I was dressed in my pajamas. I thought I would be in my clothes! Why didn’t I think of it! I was mortified. I tried to cover myself, but obviously there was nothing I could do.  A shattered voice coming from the vicinity of the bed, broke my train of thought and sent a shiver down my spine.

“Come to say goodbye?”

“I suppose you heard.”

“I did, but your father is actually going through with it?!”

“He must. It was part of their treaty.”

Ya, but you are his daughter. He wouldn’t possibly hand you over so easily.”

“Wouldn’t he? I was never what my father wanted. I was girl, and even worse than that, I was girl born without the glow. I am not real royalty.”

“Of course you are.”

“Perhaps in the technical sense, but I have nothing to show for it. I am dull and glowless and a female. I’m everything thing I shouldn’t be.”

“But you’re beautiful. Just like this. Can’t you see that?”

… “You are very kind.”

“I just call it like a see it.”

“I’m very glad you are here, Sir Tango.”

“Sir, requesting orders.”

“At ease. Have the men set up camp for the night. I shall be a guest of the king this evening.”

“Yes Sir.”

‘We will escort the princess in the morning.”

“I hope I am not out of line sir, but I never imagined you would fall victim to the softer sex.”

“I haven’t you fool! Don’t you get it? If we have the princess we have everything. The only good thing about the king, he is one to his word, even if he has to sacrifice his own daughter.”

“So what will happen then?”

“All in due time, we shall hold onto her for a while, and then once we have what we need, I shall take care of her.”

“Sir? Do you mean?”

“I think it is time you leave my chambers soldier.”

“Yes Sir.”

Gen 8 – Chapter 4: Tango

“But father! He is right here! How can you not see him! Look! Right here beside me.”

“I tire of repeating myself. There is no one. You entered the chamber alone, and you continue to try my patience alone.”

“Perhaps I should take her back to her room my lord. Maybe she is suffering from some strange illness.”

“I’m not sick.”

“I think you are right. Why don’t you escort her back to her room. If she is not ill perhaps she is suffering from exhaustion.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“But father!”


“Go child. You exhaust me.”

I followed the princess back to her chambers, it wasn’t as if I was going to get in trouble for being there, since she was the only one who could actually see me. I couldn’t understand it, and I had the feeling neither could she.

“This makes no sense. You are there. I can see you.”

“I am not sure what is happening either princess.”

“Are you a ghost? If I reached out, would I touch you? Or would it be nothing? Like a spirit or shadow?”

“Honestly I am not sure.”

“Should we try?”

“If you wish.”

We both reached out our hands, and I watched with baited breath as our fingertips floated only a fraction of an inch from the others, but then, to my disappointment, my hand slipped right through hers, like water through a sieve. My heart sunk into my shoes as I looked up to find the princesses wide eyed look of surprise, physically I was not there.

“Perhaps I have lost my mind. You are only a vision in my head.”

“No princess I am here, you are not going crazy.”

“How did this happen? What could I have possibly done to experience such hysteria.”

I was so disheartened by everything that had just transpired, I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I wish I knew what to do now, but I don’t.”

“Why have you come to me?”

“I don’t really know. I daydream for a second or so and I am somehow transported here.”

“Why here? Why me?”

“I wish I knew.”

“I heard the door lock as mother left me here. I am locked in. They have commited me in my own chambers.”

“I know princess. I am so sorry.”

“I am going to miss the council for sure now. No one wants a, as you put it, crazy princess in the council meeting…”

“Maybe I could go.”

“To the council?”

“Sure why not. I mean no one can see my anyways right?”

“This is true. You would do that for me?”

“I would do anything, for you, princess.”

“Before we begin our negotiations, I do have one question.”

“Ask me whatever you like Sire.”

“Why do your men feel they have to right to trample across my lands? There are boundaries set in place, and YOUR MEN repeatedly disregard them. How will we ever find a way to agree on a mutually beneficial treaty, if I live with the constant worry that your men will not follow through?”

“What your highness must take into account here is, the rules have shifted. Your men no longer dictate what my men will do. Have you counted the numbers lately sire? Your side is dwindling and I do believe you are aware of it.”

“Am I to beleive that you are threatening me?”

“Sire? Me threaten you? Of course not. Though it is sure difficult to keep an eye on all of my men. Who knows what will happen on there way out of the kingdom.”

“What are your demands? What is it you wish from me? I want this fighting to end.”

“As do I sir. As do I.”

“My demands are few. My men wish the luxury to come and go as they please. None of this contstant harassment. My poor men only want the ability to walk through the woods without interrogation.”

“And what shall you promise me in return?”

“I will see to it that my men, are to be on their best behavior anytime that they may need to travel through your lands. Also I do believe that you and I should discuss the territory lines. I wish to take control of the west forrest.”

“West Forrest?”

“Yes Sire.”

“All of this and you will retreat back to your lands?”

“You have my word. Oh there is one more thing…”


“It is rather lonely at the top. It would seem that it is time for a handsome fellow like myself to think about settling down. I wish to take a wife, and I would like a woman of the kingdom.”

“A woman?”


“This is the extent of your demands?”

“It is.”

“Then we have a deal.”


“Now about this woman. Should I summon the fairest ladies?”

“Oh no no. I have already chosen.”

“Oh, well wonderful. Who is this woman? I shall summon her at once.”

“Why the princess of course.”

“My Daughter?! But she is only a girl!!!”

“Perhaps you should have specified that before hand. Shame we have already sealed this deal. Isn’t it?”

“Tango? Hey Tango?! NERDO! Come in NERDO!”

“Oh no not now! Not now! No No No!!”

Gen 8- Chapter 3: Tango

“Daughter. Come sit.”

“Yes Father.”

“Now… do you see anyone? Is this boy here now?”

“No, but he was.”

“Perhaps she has spent too much time at the springs. The sacred water has been known to cause hysteria.”


“No Mother. It was not the water. He was there. He just…”

“Yes? He just what?”

“He will be back.”

“I see.”

“He was there!”

“Perhaps the stress of our upcoming negotiations is too much for her.”

“No. What is too much for me, is that I am not allowed to attend.”

“Attend? You wish to attend the courts meeting?”

“Yes. I do.”

“You are only a child, and besides that, you are only a girl.”

“I am 16 and I am a princess. Not a girl.”

“Precisely my point. It is out of the question.” 

“But father!”

“That is my final word. Now return to your room.”

“Yes Father.” 

The stall next to me swung on it’s hinges and hit the frame with a SLAM! It was enough to jolt me out of my trance like state and I found myself once again staring at the not so tidy wall of the stall door. As awesome as it was to be traveling off to my fantasy world, it felt very weird at my current location. I waited for the person who had entered to leave, before I unlocked the door and stepped out. I pulled the sleeve of my sweater back to reveal the time. Great sweet Berry! It was almost 4:30! I had missed the bus and mom and dad weren’t home, so I had no other choice but to hoof it back to the house.

I was really going to have to find a better place to get some quiet alone time.

I rushed through the front door, heading straight up to my room. I didn’t stop till I had made it to my bed. Climbing up onto my bunk, I settled into the mattress, preparing myself to return to Mallowmore. I had no way of gauging how much time passed whilst I was away, but I was sure that the princess was probably patiently waiting for my return. And what a horribly inopportune time! Just as I was preparing to meet the king too!

I knew had a good couple of hours before anyone would come looking for me for dinner. The beast was at her part time job so this was a good place and time! Here we go…

It would seem that my former location had absolutely nothing to do with where I would end up. Instead of finding myself in the kings chamber like I had expected, I landed in some long, dark, unidentified hallway. I knew quite a bit about the world and it’s layout, but specifics like rooms and corridors, I was totally lost. I started peeking in doors, hoping I would find the princess. 


I looked through another peep hole. Nothing inside but darkness.


“I’m here.” She was standing at the next open door. Her voice caught me off guard, but I managed to swivel around to greet her un-aproving gaze.

“My apologies princess.”

“My father believes me crazy as you now.”

“I know I am terribly sorry. Shall we try again?”

“You are certain you will not disappear again?”

“Yes. Well, maybe.” I shook my head. “No. I am sure.”

“Very well. But you will not make me out to be the fool a second time. I will not have it.”

“You have my word.”

“Good. Come with me.”

“Father we have returned. May I present Sir Tango.”

“Good evening your majesty. It is such an honor to be in your presence. I humbly kneel before you.”

“Now you see father I was not making any sort of mockery. Here is the boy.”

“Daughter, this is my final warning. If you wish to play these games, I will see that you do so in the sanctity of your room. There is no one there… Tell me wife? Do you see anyone there besides our child.”

“No my lord. Only our daughter stands before us.”



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Gen 8- Chapter 2: Tango

After being unable to formulate a proper explanation to my beast of a sister, I settled for a shrug and a “I was just thinking.” Thankfully she was far too busy with her plans for the rest of the evening to care too much, and I was able to, fairly easily, navigate myself to the bathroom. I opened the center stall and stepped inside locking the door behind me. Had I really just daydreamed my way into my fantasy world? Was that even possible? I eyed both walls of the stall. Maybe I could do it again. The thought of seeing the princess again excited me, but a second thought took hold of me soon after, and it was a whole lot stronger. What if I was caught, drifting into lala land standing in the toilet? I laughed out. “As if it would work again.” I scolded myself for the sheer thought of it. 

I started to unlock the door, but pulled my hand back. Well it couldn’t hurt to try right? I started to stare off into the far corner when the tile and linoleum began to swirl away.

With a loud whoooooosh the quiet tinkling noise that had been dripping rhythmically from the faucet, was replaced with the rushing roar of the Mallowmore sacred springs falls. I almost did a jig I was so happy.  Hah! I did it again! I thought to myself triumphantly. Before I was able to congratulate myself further, a familiar voice broke through my train of thought.

“How did you do that? One second you were and then you were not. How is this possible?”

“It is sort of hard to explain.”

“Witchcraft? Sorcery? Are you a mage, boy?”

“No and my name is Tango. Sir Tango.”

“My apologies Sir Tango. If it were not magic, how did you do it?”


The next hour or so I found myself in quite a strange predicament. How do you explain that you have inadvertently created someone else’s world? Or that is what I felt was happening. I had only imagined it since I was a child. A world I built in my mind, yet here before me was the loveliest princess of the land. Well… needless to say I failed. Miserably. 

“That is impossible.”

“I thought so too.”

“How could a boy like you create an entire world?”


“I’m sorry I did not mean it in that way. All I mean is how can one boy create an entire world? You are not Berry? Are you?”

“What? No. I am not.”

“Interesting. I think perhaps you have suffered some sort of head injury.”

“You can’t honestly believe that.”

“Well ya, I sort of do.”

“Madness. You are only a boy.”

“I’m 16.”

“Yes, and my kindom is thousands of years old.”

“I know.”

“How can that be, if you say you created it? You make no sense.”

“I don’t know! I just do. How would you explain it? One second I am here, and the next I am back at home.”

“I do not know. Perhaps my father will. We must go see him at once.”

“Excuse me for the intrusion Father, but I have something of great urgence to speak to you about.”

“Yes? What is it my daughter?”

“Father I found this boy near the sacred springs. He claims… well he claims to know a great deal about the kingdom.”


“Yes. Father. His name is Sir Tango.”

The princess looked my direction and moved her hands in a sort of “go on” motion. Nodding briefly I knelt down to one knee. “Greetings your highness. It is quite an honor to find myself in your presence.”

“Daughter. I am not sure what sort of game you are trying to play with me, but I am in no mood for your trickery right now.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Who is this boy that you speak of? There is no one there?”

Gen 8- Chapter 1: Tango

“Whatcha doing there Nerdo?”

“Nothing. Go away.”

“Awwww look your drawing pretty girls. How sweet.”

“Shut up! She’s not a girl, she is a princess.”

“AHHAHAHA you’re drawing fairy princesses? How very nerdy of you.”

“Look, I didn’t ask you to come in here. So if you don’t need anything important. Please leave.”

“Wow someone is cranky. You better watch that temper. The misses may not like to see that side of you.”


“Okay okay. I’m out of here. Sheesh…” 


I never would have called my sister a considerate sibling. In fact it probably had a lot to do with her heckling that I found myself retreating to a fantasy world in the first place. I had created an entire kingdom all in my mind. The good people of Mallowmore, looked over by the King and Queen Declan. I had lived in this other world on and off since I was a child. Of course, I had never actually been there, but what I lacked in social graces I made up for in the imagination department… in abundance.

My favorite of all these would be the beautiful princess. Princess Topiary Peaches Declan. Only child and heiress to the throne, the princess leads a sheltered life. Only few have had the privilege to gaze upon her beautiful face. I being one of them. Of course right? I mean what kind of fantasy world would it be if I wasn’t allowed to know the princess. *ahem* Anyways. The princess is not all that she seems though. On the surface she has the air and grace of royalty, but underneath she is strong and sensible. Willing to do anything for her kingdom. If only her father would allow her to do what she truly wishes. Be a knight, and to sit as an equal with all the men at the sweet table.

 Oh but there comes a day in a boys life, when he must put down his pencil and paper, and return to reality, and that day is called Monday. That is when I have to come back home, so I can go to school. A place of torment and annoyance, not only because my sister is there, but because every idiot bully in my class finds me as the easiest target.

It was a day much like the rest when things in my life started to change. When I learned that I was different. Different in a way I would have only imagined to be real in Mallowmore, not in sleepy Honey Sprigs. It started innocently enough, I was working out some extra boring equations when my mind started to drift. Doing as I had done 100 times before. I began to daydream. Only this time…

“Hello? Is anyone there?

…Where am I?”

…Hello?! Anyone at all?”


“You there! Boy! What do you think you are doing down there!?”

I’ll ask you again. What are you doing down there boy? “


“Yes, who else would I be? That’s not what it is important, what do you think you are doing at the sacred springs boy?”

“I’m sorry Princess. I  just.. WOW! This is so cool! Princess Declan right here! Haha!”

“Why is that funny? Who are you? I have never seen you before. Your clothing is strange. How did you get here. Answer me! I demand it.”

“I’m sorry Princess. My name is uhhhh Sir. Tango Licorice. It is an honor to meet you. I-

“Hello? Boy? Where did you go?”

“Hey dorkus! Wake up!”


“You were daydreaming again. Staring off like a weirdo.”


“Ya. Dude. What is with you. HELLO! Do… you… know… where… you… are… right… now?”

“Ughh can you please stop that. Why is it so bright?”

“It’s 3 in the afternoon, why wouldn’t it be? You are a freak and a half. You know that.”

Gen 7- Chapter 8: Sunlit Zest

“Then we shared a kiss and-“

“YUCK!!!!! Stop! Just Stop!”

“Whats wrong?”

“This story is gross. I don’t want to hear all the mushy stuff. It’s just… YUCK!”

“But love this is your mother’s and my story.”

“I don’t care if it was the queen of Berrylands story. It’s gross.”

“Didn’t you ask me to tell this story? I could have sworn you did.”

“Ya, but not those parts. I want hear everything, but those parts.”

“But your brother likes it. Look.”

“Can we tell it for him. Please?”

“But Mom!!!”

“Dear, it’s a great story…”


“So then we were married. Your mother never looked so beautiful. And I never felt so complete. It was the greatest day of my life.”

“Okay… nope. I’m out of here, this story sucks.”

“Awww dear! Come back!”


“Your loss!”

“Would you like to hear the rest Tango?”


“Alright. So where were we….”

“So then he gets into the mushy stuff and I’m like “eww, no, gross”. Please just stop. It was disgusting. All of that kissy kissy stuff is disgusting.”

“I bet you could tell a way better one.”

“Awww I don’t know. It doesn’t sounds that bad to me.”

“It was. Will you tell me a story? Please???”

“I can try.”


“Once upon a time, there was a princess and a young pauper. And even though they had every different backgrounds, they were the best of friends. But one day, a young prince entered the kingdom, and threatened everything that the pauper held dear…”