Gen 8- Chapter 1: Tango

“Whatcha doing there Nerdo?”

“Nothing. Go away.”

“Awwww look your drawing pretty girls. How sweet.”

“Shut up! She’s not a girl, she is a princess.”

“AHHAHAHA you’re drawing fairy princesses? How very nerdy of you.”

“Look, I didn’t ask you to come in here. So if you don’t need anything important. Please leave.”

“Wow someone is cranky. You better watch that temper. The misses may not like to see that side of you.”


“Okay okay. I’m out of here. Sheesh…” 


I never would have called my sister a considerate sibling. In fact it probably had a lot to do with her heckling that I found myself retreating to a fantasy world in the first place. I had created an entire kingdom all in my mind. The good people of Mallowmore, looked over by the King and Queen Declan. I had lived in this other world on and off since I was a child. Of course, I had never actually been there, but what I lacked in social graces I made up for in the imagination department… in abundance.

My favorite of all these would be the beautiful princess. Princess Topiary Peaches Declan. Only child and heiress to the throne, the princess leads a sheltered life. Only few have had the privilege to gaze upon her beautiful face. I being one of them. Of course right? I mean what kind of fantasy world would it be if I wasn’t allowed to know the princess. *ahem* Anyways. The princess is not all that she seems though. On the surface she has the air and grace of royalty, but underneath she is strong and sensible. Willing to do anything for her kingdom. If only her father would allow her to do what she truly wishes. Be a knight, and to sit as an equal with all the men at the sweet table.

 Oh but there comes a day in a boys life, when he must put down his pencil and paper, and return to reality, and that day is called Monday. That is when I have to come back home, so I can go to school. A place of torment and annoyance, not only because my sister is there, but because every idiot bully in my class finds me as the easiest target.

It was a day much like the rest when things in my life started to change. When I learned that I was different. Different in a way I would have only imagined to be real in Mallowmore, not in sleepy Honey Sprigs. It started innocently enough, I was working out some extra boring equations when my mind started to drift. Doing as I had done 100 times before. I began to daydream. Only this time…

“Hello? Is anyone there?

…Where am I?”

…Hello?! Anyone at all?”


“You there! Boy! What do you think you are doing down there!?”

I’ll ask you again. What are you doing down there boy? “


“Yes, who else would I be? That’s not what it is important, what do you think you are doing at the sacred springs boy?”

“I’m sorry Princess. I  just.. WOW! This is so cool! Princess Declan right here! Haha!”

“Why is that funny? Who are you? I have never seen you before. Your clothing is strange. How did you get here. Answer me! I demand it.”

“I’m sorry Princess. My name is uhhhh Sir. Tango Licorice. It is an honor to meet you. I-

“Hello? Boy? Where did you go?”

“Hey dorkus! Wake up!”


“You were daydreaming again. Staring off like a weirdo.”


“Ya. Dude. What is with you. HELLO! Do… you… know… where… you… are… right… now?”

“Ughh can you please stop that. Why is it so bright?”

“It’s 3 in the afternoon, why wouldn’t it be? You are a freak and a half. You know that.”


Gen 7- Chapter 8: Sunlit Zest

“Then we shared a kiss and-“

“YUCK!!!!! Stop! Just Stop!”

“Whats wrong?”

“This story is gross. I don’t want to hear all the mushy stuff. It’s just… YUCK!”

“But love this is your mother’s and my story.”

“I don’t care if it was the queen of Berrylands story. It’s gross.”

“Didn’t you ask me to tell this story? I could have sworn you did.”

“Ya, but not those parts. I want hear everything, but those parts.”

“But your brother likes it. Look.”

“Can we tell it for him. Please?”

“But Mom!!!”

“Dear, it’s a great story…”


“So then we were married. Your mother never looked so beautiful. And I never felt so complete. It was the greatest day of my life.”

“Okay… nope. I’m out of here, this story sucks.”

“Awww dear! Come back!”


“Your loss!”

“Would you like to hear the rest Tango?”


“Alright. So where were we….”

“So then he gets into the mushy stuff and I’m like “eww, no, gross”. Please just stop. It was disgusting. All of that kissy kissy stuff is disgusting.”

“I bet you could tell a way better one.”

“Awww I don’t know. It doesn’t sounds that bad to me.”

“It was. Will you tell me a story? Please???”

“I can try.”


“Once upon a time, there was a princess and a young pauper. And even though they had every different backgrounds, they were the best of friends. But one day, a young prince entered the kingdom, and threatened everything that the pauper held dear…”


Gen 7- Chapter 7: Sunlit Zest

I thought it was a disagreement, and maybe a misunderstanding. I thought I would be able to talk to Cedar the next morning and maybe just maybe forgive my best friend. I thought everything was going to be much simpler. Oh how I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“You can’t! You just can’t!”

“I have to.”

“No you don’t! I was wrong! I’m sorry! Please don’t leave me! Please!”

“It’s time for me to move on Sunny. I don’t deserve to be here and I know that. I’m so sorry, but I have to do this.”

“Please?! I’m not angry anymore!”

“Goodbye Sunny.”


Just like that… he was gone.

I felt my world crumble. A feeling that only grew when I got to school the next day to find one seat in the far left corner vacant. I was alone and now there was no one for me to turn to.

But life goes on and regardless of my sadness, I had a household to help run. My sister was sprouting up quicker than I remembered growing myself, and she definitely got into way more trouble than I ever did.

I started jogging every night. It helped to ease the empty feeling. Until I would cross the park next to the school. I tried to avoid it most nights, but every once in a while curiosity would get the better of me and I would find myself drawn to its sacred grounds.

Oh Cedar…

“Pretty lady? Why are you crying?”

I didn’t even have to look, I knew it was, i sniffled and wiped my face. “Because I hurt someone. Someone I really cared about. I am pretty sure he hates me now.”

“Oh I bet he doesn’t. I bet he misses you… more than anything.”

Without hesitation, I launched myself into his arms. “Oh Cedar! I am so sorry! Please forgive me. I made a terrible mistake!”

“Hey… it’s alright beautiful.”

*Sob sob sob*

“There is a way to make it up to me.”

*sniff* “Ya? What’s that?”

“Kiss me.”


Gen 7- Chapter 6: Sunlit Zest

I was so angry. I thought I was angry before, but it paled in comparison to what I was feeling then. I stormed up the steps to my room and slammed the door behind me. Anger as well as embarrassment clouded my mind and heart, making it difficult to speak. I shook my head in disbelief. “How could you?”


“I can explain.”

“HAH! This should be good.” I gestured for him to continue. “Sure… why don’t you explain.”

Blaze took a deep breath. “Because I wanted to keep you safe. Away from other people who might harm you.”

“He never said anything!”

“I know that!”

“So why? Why did I need saving? How do you know he would have done anything?”

He didn’t know how to reply to that. So instead he stood there, his mouth opening and then closing over and over again. “I’m waiting…”

“I think I have an answer. I think you were jealous, and instead of being the friend you were supposed to be, you stabbed me in the back and made me look like a big jerk to very nice person!”

“Sunny. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry, won’t fix what I just did AGAIN to that poor boy. Sorry doesn’t take back all the hurt I felt over words that YOU SAID! You may not have directed them at me, but you might as well have!”

“Sunny? Wh-Who are you talking to?”

My whole body froze, and I squeezed me eyes tight. I never even heard Lemon come in the room.

I dropped down beside her and tried to steady her. “It’s okie sis, I was just letting off some steam. Been a long night.” I added a laugh at the end, but it wasn’t very convincing.

“Yes, but WHO were you talking to?”

I shook my head… “It was no one. No one at all.”

Gen 7- Chapter 5: Sunlit Zest

“What are you doing here Cedar?”

“Sunny, you gotta hear me out.”


“Becuase, there is something, something really weird about all of this, and if you would just listen, well maybe we can figure it out.”

“No way! You are going to listen to me!”

“I wa——”

“Do you have any idea what you put me through in school? All those mean things you said! They really hurt me! I thought we were friends.”

“We were!!”

“No we were not! Friends don’t do that to each other!”

“I ran home crying. All because of you!! You and your big mouth! Why don’t you just take your bald head off my porch and get… get… get bent!!”


“Oh that is it!! I don’t know who ever told you that line, but it is 100% false! I never said anything about you!”

“Ya, nice try. There is no way I would beleive you. I had a very reliable source.”

“You sure about that? because it sounds like your source has been lying to you. I never, no… would never say anything about you! I love you!”


“I mean… I liked you. A lot. I thought you were the coolest girl in school. Then you started harrasing me. Bullying me.

“Me? Bullying you?”

“Ummm ya?! How do you think I felt!”

“But I…”

“You never gave me a chance to explain. Who was it?”

“Who was what?”

“Who told you all those things?”

“I can’t tell you.”


“I gotta go.”


“I just… I can’t do this right now. I’m sorry.

“Sunny wait.”

“Goodnight Cedar.”

*door shuts*

“Goodnight Sunny.”


“Oh sweet Berry no.”

Gen 7- Chapter 4: Sunlit Zest

“Sunny, please will you just talk to me?”

“No Blaze. Go away. I am still furious with you.”

“But, I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to keep you safe.”

“I don’t care your reasons. You broke a promise.”


“No Buts, we will talk about this later. You need to just leave me alone right now.”

I had done a lot of things in my years as Sunny’s friend, but none of them measured up the monstrous mistake I made that night. I had crossed the friendship line, and there was no going back.

One small problem. This mistake only coincided with a much larger one… The one where I made up all the stuff about Cedar or Coffee or what ever his name was. He never said anything about her, but he was getting way too close. It was the only thing I could think of.

It wasn’t my fault really. I loved her, and I wanted her all to myself. Cedar was way to close to getting in between us. So I started my little stories and sweet little Sunny ate them up as if they were the gospel truth.

I still had a chance of keeping them under wraps, as long as Cedar… Oh no. There he is. Coming to talk. Oh man, now what do I do?

Must hurry! Must convince her not to see him. If she ever found out, she would never talk to be ever again. For real…

“You can’t go out there.”

“Why not?”

“Cedar is here.”


“Just ignore him, I’m sure he will go away.”

“You know what? NO. I am going to give him a piece of my mind. Tell him exactly how it made me feel, all those means things he said.”

“Are you sure that is good idea?”

“Yes. Now out of my way please.”


“Oh this is sooo not good.”