Gen 8- Chapter 1: Tango

“Whatcha doing there Nerdo?”

“Nothing. Go away.”

“Awwww look your drawing pretty girls. How sweet.”

“Shut up! She’s not a girl, she is a princess.”

“AHHAHAHA you’re drawing fairy princesses? How very nerdy of you.”

“Look, I didn’t ask you to come in here. So if you don’t need anything important. Please leave.”

“Wow someone is cranky. You better watch that temper. The misses may not like to see that side of you.”


“Okay okay. I’m out of here. Sheesh…” 


I never would have called my sister a considerate sibling. In fact it probably had a lot to do with her heckling that I found myself retreating to a fantasy world in the first place. I had created an entire kingdom all in my mind. The good people of Mallowmore, looked over by the King and Queen Declan. I had lived in this other world on and off since I was a child. Of course, I had never actually been there, but what I lacked in social graces I made up for in the imagination department… in abundance.

My favorite of all these would be the beautiful princess. Princess Topiary Peaches Declan. Only child and heiress to the throne, the princess leads a sheltered life. Only few have had the privilege to gaze upon her beautiful face. I being one of them. Of course right? I mean what kind of fantasy world would it be if I wasn’t allowed to know the princess. *ahem* Anyways. The princess is not all that she seems though. On the surface she has the air and grace of royalty, but underneath she is strong and sensible. Willing to do anything for her kingdom. If only her father would allow her to do what she truly wishes. Be a knight, and to sit as an equal with all the men at the sweet table.

 Oh but there comes a day in a boys life, when he must put down his pencil and paper, and return to reality, and that day is called Monday. That is when I have to come back home, so I can go to school. A place of torment and annoyance, not only because my sister is there, but because every idiot bully in my class finds me as the easiest target.

It was a day much like the rest when things in my life started to change. When I learned that I was different. Different in a way I would have only imagined to be real in Mallowmore, not in sleepy Honey Sprigs. It started innocently enough, I was working out some extra boring equations when my mind started to drift. Doing as I had done 100 times before. I began to daydream. Only this time…

“Hello? Is anyone there?

…Where am I?”

…Hello?! Anyone at all?”


“You there! Boy! What do you think you are doing down there!?”

I’ll ask you again. What are you doing down there boy? “


“Yes, who else would I be? That’s not what it is important, what do you think you are doing at the sacred springs boy?”

“I’m sorry Princess. I  just.. WOW! This is so cool! Princess Declan right here! Haha!”

“Why is that funny? Who are you? I have never seen you before. Your clothing is strange. How did you get here. Answer me! I demand it.”

“I’m sorry Princess. My name is uhhhh Sir. Tango Licorice. It is an honor to meet you. I-

“Hello? Boy? Where did you go?”

“Hey dorkus! Wake up!”


“You were daydreaming again. Staring off like a weirdo.”


“Ya. Dude. What is with you. HELLO! Do… you… know… where… you… are… right… now?”

“Ughh can you please stop that. Why is it so bright?”

“It’s 3 in the afternoon, why wouldn’t it be? You are a freak and a half. You know that.”


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