Gen 8- Chapter 2: Tango

After being unable to formulate a proper explanation to my beast of a sister, I settled for a shrug and a “I was just thinking.” Thankfully she was far too busy with her plans for the rest of the evening to care too much, and I was able to, fairly easily, navigate myself to the bathroom. I opened the center stall and stepped inside locking the door behind me. Had I really just daydreamed my way into my fantasy world? Was that even possible? I eyed both walls of the stall. Maybe I could do it again. The thought of seeing the princess again excited me, but a second thought took hold of me soon after, and it was a whole lot stronger. What if I was caught, drifting into lala land standing in the toilet? I laughed out. “As if it would work again.” I scolded myself for the sheer thought of it. 

I started to unlock the door, but pulled my hand back. Well it couldn’t hurt to try right? I started to stare off into the far corner when the tile and linoleum began to swirl away.

With a loud whoooooosh the quiet tinkling noise that had been dripping rhythmically from the faucet, was replaced with the rushing roar of the Mallowmore sacred springs falls. I almost did a jig I was so happy.  Hah! I did it again! I thought to myself triumphantly. Before I was able to congratulate myself further, a familiar voice broke through my train of thought.

“How did you do that? One second you were and then you were not. How is this possible?”

“It is sort of hard to explain.”

“Witchcraft? Sorcery? Are you a mage, boy?”

“No and my name is Tango. Sir Tango.”

“My apologies Sir Tango. If it were not magic, how did you do it?”


The next hour or so I found myself in quite a strange predicament. How do you explain that you have inadvertently created someone else’s world? Or that is what I felt was happening. I had only imagined it since I was a child. A world I built in my mind, yet here before me was the loveliest princess of the land. Well… needless to say I failed. Miserably. 

“That is impossible.”

“I thought so too.”

“How could a boy like you create an entire world?”


“I’m sorry I did not mean it in that way. All I mean is how can one boy create an entire world? You are not Berry? Are you?”

“What? No. I am not.”

“Interesting. I think perhaps you have suffered some sort of head injury.”

“You can’t honestly believe that.”

“Well ya, I sort of do.”

“Madness. You are only a boy.”

“I’m 16.”

“Yes, and my kindom is thousands of years old.”

“I know.”

“How can that be, if you say you created it? You make no sense.”

“I don’t know! I just do. How would you explain it? One second I am here, and the next I am back at home.”

“I do not know. Perhaps my father will. We must go see him at once.”

“Excuse me for the intrusion Father, but I have something of great urgence to speak to you about.”

“Yes? What is it my daughter?”

“Father I found this boy near the sacred springs. He claims… well he claims to know a great deal about the kingdom.”


“Yes. Father. His name is Sir Tango.”

The princess looked my direction and moved her hands in a sort of “go on” motion. Nodding briefly I knelt down to one knee. “Greetings your highness. It is quite an honor to find myself in your presence.”

“Daughter. I am not sure what sort of game you are trying to play with me, but I am in no mood for your trickery right now.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Who is this boy that you speak of? There is no one there?”