Gen 8- Chapter 3: Tango

“Daughter. Come sit.”

“Yes Father.”

“Now… do you see anyone? Is this boy here now?”

“No, but he was.”

“Perhaps she has spent too much time at the springs. The sacred water has been known to cause hysteria.”


“No Mother. It was not the water. He was there. He just…”

“Yes? He just what?”

“He will be back.”

“I see.”

“He was there!”

“Perhaps the stress of our upcoming negotiations is too much for her.”

“No. What is too much for me, is that I am not allowed to attend.”

“Attend? You wish to attend the courts meeting?”

“Yes. I do.”

“You are only a child, and besides that, you are only a girl.”

“I am 16 and I am a princess. Not a girl.”

“Precisely my point. It is out of the question.” 

“But father!”

“That is my final word. Now return to your room.”

“Yes Father.” 

The stall next to me swung on it’s hinges and hit the frame with a SLAM! It was enough to jolt me out of my trance like state and I found myself once again staring at the not so tidy wall of the stall door. As awesome as it was to be traveling off to my fantasy world, it felt very weird at my current location. I waited for the person who had entered to leave, before I unlocked the door and stepped out. I pulled the sleeve of my sweater back to reveal the time. Great sweet Berry! It was almost 4:30! I had missed the bus and mom and dad weren’t home, so I had no other choice but to hoof it back to the house.

I was really going to have to find a better place to get some quiet alone time.

I rushed through the front door, heading straight up to my room. I didn’t stop till I had made it to my bed. Climbing up onto my bunk, I settled into the mattress, preparing myself to return to Mallowmore. I had no way of gauging how much time passed whilst I was away, but I was sure that the princess was probably patiently waiting for my return. And what a horribly inopportune time! Just as I was preparing to meet the king too!

I knew had a good couple of hours before anyone would come looking for me for dinner. The beast was at her part time job so this was a good place and time! Here we go…

It would seem that my former location had absolutely nothing to do with where I would end up. Instead of finding myself in the kings chamber like I had expected, I landed in some long, dark, unidentified hallway. I knew quite a bit about the world and it’s layout, but specifics like rooms and corridors, I was totally lost. I started peeking in doors, hoping I would find the princess. 


I looked through another peep hole. Nothing inside but darkness.


“I’m here.” She was standing at the next open door. Her voice caught me off guard, but I managed to swivel around to greet her un-aproving gaze.

“My apologies princess.”

“My father believes me crazy as you now.”

“I know I am terribly sorry. Shall we try again?”

“You are certain you will not disappear again?”

“Yes. Well, maybe.” I shook my head. “No. I am sure.”

“Very well. But you will not make me out to be the fool a second time. I will not have it.”

“You have my word.”

“Good. Come with me.”

“Father we have returned. May I present Sir Tango.”

“Good evening your majesty. It is such an honor to be in your presence. I humbly kneel before you.”

“Now you see father I was not making any sort of mockery. Here is the boy.”

“Daughter, this is my final warning. If you wish to play these games, I will see that you do so in the sanctity of your room. There is no one there… Tell me wife? Do you see anyone there besides our child.”

“No my lord. Only our daughter stands before us.”



Ya this has been done for ages. Why I haven’t compiled it. I don’t know. Should be sleeping, but im’ not. Here you go! I will try to get the third part right out as well…


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