Gen 8 – Chapter 4: Tango

“But father! He is right here! How can you not see him! Look! Right here beside me.”

“I tire of repeating myself. There is no one. You entered the chamber alone, and you continue to try my patience alone.”

“Perhaps I should take her back to her room my lord. Maybe she is suffering from some strange illness.”

“I’m not sick.”

“I think you are right. Why don’t you escort her back to her room. If she is not ill perhaps she is suffering from exhaustion.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“But father!”


“Go child. You exhaust me.”

I followed the princess back to her chambers, it wasn’t as if I was going to get in trouble for being there, since she was the only one who could actually see me. I couldn’t understand it, and I had the feeling neither could she.

“This makes no sense. You are there. I can see you.”

“I am not sure what is happening either princess.”

“Are you a ghost? If I reached out, would I touch you? Or would it be nothing? Like a spirit or shadow?”

“Honestly I am not sure.”

“Should we try?”

“If you wish.”

We both reached out our hands, and I watched with baited breath as our fingertips floated only a fraction of an inch from the others, but then, to my disappointment, my hand slipped right through hers, like water through a sieve. My heart sunk into my shoes as I looked up to find the princesses wide eyed look of surprise, physically I was not there.

“Perhaps I have lost my mind. You are only a vision in my head.”

“No princess I am here, you are not going crazy.”

“How did this happen? What could I have possibly done to experience such hysteria.”

I was so disheartened by everything that had just transpired, I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I wish I knew what to do now, but I don’t.”

“Why have you come to me?”

“I don’t really know. I daydream for a second or so and I am somehow transported here.”

“Why here? Why me?”

“I wish I knew.”

“I heard the door lock as mother left me here. I am locked in. They have commited me in my own chambers.”

“I know princess. I am so sorry.”

“I am going to miss the council for sure now. No one wants a, as you put it, crazy princess in the council meeting…”

“Maybe I could go.”

“To the council?”

“Sure why not. I mean no one can see my anyways right?”

“This is true. You would do that for me?”

“I would do anything, for you, princess.”

“Before we begin our negotiations, I do have one question.”

“Ask me whatever you like Sire.”

“Why do your men feel they have to right to trample across my lands? There are boundaries set in place, and YOUR MEN repeatedly disregard them. How will we ever find a way to agree on a mutually beneficial treaty, if I live with the constant worry that your men will not follow through?”

“What your highness must take into account here is, the rules have shifted. Your men no longer dictate what my men will do. Have you counted the numbers lately sire? Your side is dwindling and I do believe you are aware of it.”

“Am I to beleive that you are threatening me?”

“Sire? Me threaten you? Of course not. Though it is sure difficult to keep an eye on all of my men. Who knows what will happen on there way out of the kingdom.”

“What are your demands? What is it you wish from me? I want this fighting to end.”

“As do I sir. As do I.”

“My demands are few. My men wish the luxury to come and go as they please. None of this contstant harassment. My poor men only want the ability to walk through the woods without interrogation.”

“And what shall you promise me in return?”

“I will see to it that my men, are to be on their best behavior anytime that they may need to travel through your lands. Also I do believe that you and I should discuss the territory lines. I wish to take control of the west forrest.”

“West Forrest?”

“Yes Sire.”

“All of this and you will retreat back to your lands?”

“You have my word. Oh there is one more thing…”


“It is rather lonely at the top. It would seem that it is time for a handsome fellow like myself to think about settling down. I wish to take a wife, and I would like a woman of the kingdom.”

“A woman?”


“This is the extent of your demands?”

“It is.”

“Then we have a deal.”


“Now about this woman. Should I summon the fairest ladies?”

“Oh no no. I have already chosen.”

“Oh, well wonderful. Who is this woman? I shall summon her at once.”

“Why the princess of course.”

“My Daughter?! But she is only a girl!!!”

“Perhaps you should have specified that before hand. Shame we have already sealed this deal. Isn’t it?”

“Tango? Hey Tango?! NERDO! Come in NERDO!”

“Oh no not now! Not now! No No No!!”


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