Gen 8- Chapter 5: Tango

“Hey, space cadet. It’s dinner time.”

“I’m busy. Go away.”

“Doing what? Your just laying there?”

“Porsche, leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

“Ya, well too bad. It’s dinner time, so get your butt up.”

I leaned over the banister and glared daggers down at my sister. I knew my mother far too well to know I would get out of dinner, so I climbed down my bunk and stormed out of the room with a quickened haste. Grabbing a bowl of mac and cheese from the counter and plopped down into the closest chair, and proceeded to devour every last noodle in the bowl. It took me all of 5 minutes, and ignored the snide jabs that Porsche tried to send my way as I rinsed out my dish. I was about to head back upstairs when my mother inquired about my homework. This was a nightmare!! I went to the front hall to grab my stuff and just like my dinner, I blew through my assignments.

Finally I was able to go back to my room, I only hoped I wasn’t too late. I threw on my pajamas so that once I was in bed no one would bother me. My brother was also getting ready for bed and being the friendly boy he was tried to start a night time chat.

“Did you have a good day Tango?”

“Ya, it was great.”

“Good. I had a good day too.”

“Uh huh, ya, that’s great.”

“Well, goodnight.”

“Ya… uhhh, night.” 

I found myself again in the princess’s chamber, only this time, when I looked down, I found, to my absolute horror, that I was dressed in my pajamas. I thought I would be in my clothes! Why didn’t I think of it! I was mortified. I tried to cover myself, but obviously there was nothing I could do.  A shattered voice coming from the vicinity of the bed, broke my train of thought and sent a shiver down my spine.

“Come to say goodbye?”

“I suppose you heard.”

“I did, but your father is actually going through with it?!”

“He must. It was part of their treaty.”

Ya, but you are his daughter. He wouldn’t possibly hand you over so easily.”

“Wouldn’t he? I was never what my father wanted. I was girl, and even worse than that, I was girl born without the glow. I am not real royalty.”

“Of course you are.”

“Perhaps in the technical sense, but I have nothing to show for it. I am dull and glowless and a female. I’m everything thing I shouldn’t be.”

“But you’re beautiful. Just like this. Can’t you see that?”

… “You are very kind.”

“I just call it like a see it.”

“I’m very glad you are here, Sir Tango.”

“Sir, requesting orders.”

“At ease. Have the men set up camp for the night. I shall be a guest of the king this evening.”

“Yes Sir.”

‘We will escort the princess in the morning.”

“I hope I am not out of line sir, but I never imagined you would fall victim to the softer sex.”

“I haven’t you fool! Don’t you get it? If we have the princess we have everything. The only good thing about the king, he is one to his word, even if he has to sacrifice his own daughter.”

“So what will happen then?”

“All in due time, we shall hold onto her for a while, and then once we have what we need, I shall take care of her.”

“Sir? Do you mean?”

“I think it is time you leave my chambers soldier.”

“Yes Sir.”


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