Gen 8- Chapter 7: Tango

It took almost two days for me to find her. Which was not easy to do when you can’t ask for directions. Also I can only assume it was two days, the sun never rises, so it is extremely hard to keep track of time. I had a few real life interruptions as well. The hours that stretched between, only caused me more panic. I promised to be there for her, and there I was stuck in reality, dealing with everyday life. I felt like slug, slowly moving through my classes, waiting for school to end. Finally I was able to set enough time aside so I could continue my search. Thankfully every time I returned I was fairly close to where I had been before. That was when I found it. A dark castle looming in the distance, as cliche as it sounds, I had a good hunch this was the place. I searched for any sign of entry but there was nothing. The place was locked up good and tight. Knowing only she could hear my voice, I started to call out to her, in hopes she might just hear.

Finally, she did.

“I’m over here.”

“Princess? Are you okay? I’m so sorry it took me so long.”

“Oh Tango, I don’t know what to do. This is nothing like I imagined. He has me locked up in here. I’m so scared. He had no plans for taking me as his wife. He is going to kill me Tango!”


“If I can’t figure a way out of here, I will be gone in two days time. He has already forced me to write an awful letter to my parents. I can’t even speak the words… I terribly frightened Tango.”

“Please princess don’t cry. I will find a way. I will get you out of this.”

“What will you do?”

“I don’t know, but I will figure something. I will be back.”

“Where will you go?!”

“I’m not sure. Please have faith.”

“That is all I have left.”

I left the castle wall with out a clue of what I should try and do. I started to explain to myself just how futile it all was. No one could see me, no one could talk to me, but her. How did I have any hope to rescue her, I was like a dream, a mirage. What could I possibly do? I searched near by for any kind of answers I could find. Doing ridiculous things like looking through the bushes for a magic mirror or key, you know the stuff that always works in fairytales. So you can imagine it came as quite a surprise when I heard a voice that I could have sworn was addressing me.

“Having trouble?”

I searched for the voice and found a tall man half hidden the shadows. I looked right, and then left, I tapped my chest in a questioning manor. “Me? Are you talking to me?”

“I believe so. Is there anyone else here?”

I scanned the darkness for any other sign of life. There was no one. “I suppose not. Who are you? How can you see me?”

“Let’s just say, I’m an old friend.”

“I still don’t understand how you can see me.”

“There are many mysteries in this world Tango. Most of which you will never understand. Take for example this place. I know you beleive that you created it, but I can assure you, you did not. It is here and has been for thousands and thousands of years.”

“But how did I find it then?”

“Good question. You are one a very chosen few with the ability. Some call it magic, others call it dreamwalking, it just so happens your dreamwalking works through daydreams instead of traditional dreams.”

“So that is why the princess can see me…”

“Not exactly. “


“The princess is blessed, just like you. That is why she can see you. She is your bridge. Without her, you never would have never known of this place, and if she dies while you are still in your daydream, you will be trapped forever.”

“But what about my body?”

“You won’t ever wake up. It will be like a strange coma.”

“What can I do?! I have to rescue her.”

“There is only one way…” 


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