Gen 8- Chapter 8: Tango

“Tango?” The princess could barely speak, probably due to the massive dehydration she had been forced to endure. He had been starving her, waiting for her body to finally give up. There wasn’t much time left. I was terrified. What was I supposed to do? She was in there, I was out here and there was no way to slip her the tiny vial. I reached through bars to brush back a bit of her, when it hit me.

I got to my feet, turned back to evil knight. “Open the gate, NOW!” I growled.

“Awww does the tiny knight wish to say goodbye to his princess? How droll. Sure, as you wish. Nothing you can do for her now anyways.”

He opened her cell and I slipped in beside her. Her body was completely limp and she was barely conscious.

“Princess, you gotta stay with me. I’m gonna get you out of here. I promise. Princess?” She turned her head to look at me, doing her best to keep her eyes from rolling back in her head. 

“I’m not gonna make it Sir Tango.”

“Yes, yes you are. You have to. Just stay with me.”

“I’m very cold.”

“I know. *sniff* I know. You just gotta do one thing for me, Just one thing.”

“I don’t know if I can.”


I tucked my arms around her waist and lifted her to meet me. “Kiss me.” I whispered.

She didn’t ask why, she didn’t even blink, she just closed her eyes and did what she could with her strength to pucker her lips a bit. I leaned in and gently pressed her lips against mine.

Oh, but there was something the knight was unaware of. While his back had been turned to unlock the gate, I slipped the vial into my cheek. The moment our lips touched, thankfully she left me a little room, I managed to slip the vial into her mouth. Her eyes widened a bit, but it did not take more than a moment for her to realize what to do. She swallowed the potion down, just before she collapsed on the floor again.

The next few seconds felt like hours. I waited for her to move. Choking back sobs, I waited. “Come on princess, you can do this. Come on.”

“She’s gone boy.”


I was too late. I shook her shoulders frantically. “Princess, wake up! I saved you! I saved you! Wake up!”

Her body laid limp in my arms. My arms! They were begining to fade. Oh Berry this was it. I was dying. Soon I would be no more. I clutched my temples. Please just make it quick. Please just-

When my eyes opened again, I hardly recognized my own ceiling. I thought I was a goner for sure. A moment of sadness when I realized, I was back and which meant she was gone. I only hoped she would remember me. I surely she would, I would never forget her. If she survived…

I’m not sure how I missed the sleeping form that was snuggled up under my arm. But I did, it wasn’t until she let out a quit moan, that my eyes shot open. Was she really there? I watched as she gracefully moved up and down with the rhythm of my breath. Could it be?


Yeah sorry about that, I have just had no interest in this for a while. Maybe one day. I did however fix the links so you can now read the story from the start here!


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